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genre solo small ensemble large ensemble electro-acoustic

Slipstream (2015) 10:00

for alto saxophone, electric guitar, marimba, piano

Commissioned by Joseph Connor and Daniel Reifsteck


Hashlife (2014) 12:00

for percussion duo

Commissioned by Peter Zlotnick and Sean Connors of Amphion Percussion and funded through a UW Oshkosh Faculty Development Grant

TapOut (2009) 9:00

for oboe, bassoon, 2 electric guitars, drum set


microsuture (2007) 7:00

for english horn, alto sax, electric guitar, classical guitar, and marimba


plastic (2006) 5:30

for brass quintet

Monophony (2005) 6:30

for English horn, alto sax, marimba, electric guitar, electric bass


Trigger (2005) 7:00

for guitar and violin

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Axiomata Sive Leges Motus (2005) 20:00

for four male voices, harp, guitar, viola, and viola da gamba consort

Chaconne '83 (2005) 20:00

for English horn, bassoon, vibraphone, violin, 2 guitars and electronics

Vivaldiana (2004) 5:30

for baroque oboe and harpsichord


"What Hath God Wrought" (2003) 7:00

for English hron, bassoon, percussion, piano, electric guitar, electric bass

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Period Piece (2003) 9:00

for baroque oboe, violin, cello, harpsichord

Duos I/Chasers (2003) 10:00

for an even number of pitched instruments


Variations (2001) 14:00

for clarinet, bassoon, and piano

William Klenz Prize in Composition (2001)